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hey- just stumbled across a great new blog that deals w/ deep theology from a charismatic perspective...

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remember, Feb 17, 18 and 19th will be "conTENd" ... three nights of prayer and worship. 6.30 untill whenever...

say it w/ me

i inTENd to atTENd conTENd 2010!

...i'm nothing if not memorable...



worship night tonight

Just wanted to remind everyone that worship night is tonight starting at 6.30.

I hear rumors that there will be cookies...

see you then



Facebook | Sean Lumsden: why i'm thankful for mr rogers.

Facebook Sean Lumsden: why i'm thankful for mr rogers.: "i am thankful for mr rogers.

those of you who know me know that my 2 biggest influences are c.s. lewis and t.d. jakes.

many of you don't know that the third is m.r. rogers.

the beauty of mr rogers is he took seriously the sacred space between a child and a adult. he never talked down to them...he always looked at their fears as they did.

and answered them head on by telling them that they had inner stregnth to handle the scary emotions in a healthy way.

bottom line, God started him doing puppet shows in sunday school...and as he stayed faithful to the next little step ahead of him, he transformed public television, brought joan rivers to tears and comforted generations of kids who grew up in tension and fear.

all by taking as sacred the space between a caring adult and a child.

i am thankful for mr rogers and ever other person who knows that children are not the future...they are the present.

mr rogers: a force.

plus he allowed john costa to play the most incendiary jazz piano EVER because he felt children needed to be exposed to good music.

if you don't believe me... watch this clip: i warn you- you may never listen to piano the same again...




more postings

just posted the second part of 4 in the depression series. I know i started thinking that i could do this in three...but i was feverish... i couldn't talk about how to handle specifice emotions before i talked about the expectations that fuel our emotions.

i also posted the message "Moses and Joshua" that was renamed "keep your hands up" that was venacularly renamed "pray like aretha not like brittany."

so pick a name, any name... at the very least it has been discussed.

also, the message "Suffering Servant/ Crucifixion" hasn't gotten much attention...but that was the message where i make the point that "Jesus didn't die for you."

Enjoy- sean



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